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May 22, 2019 Decorations Ideas

Why Owl Décor Is Trending

Owl décor for home, café and school room must be familiar to you, but have you ever wondered why? The questions may be around why it has to be owl and why such décor can be trending. Apparently, there are some reasons behind the success of owl themed products. Here is the summary, and we hope you enjoy decorating spaces with owl.

owl bathroom decor set

owl bathroom decor set

Owl Décor According to Ancient Beliefs

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In mythology, owl is a symbol of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and strategy. Earlier, Athena indeed represented darkness, but that is why the concept of wisdom resemblance was given to owl regarding to its association from going through darkness. In other cultures, owl is also related to wisdom because of its nocturnal vigilance. In ancient Egypt and Celtic, even in Hindu, owl means guardianship and protection. According to these brief explanation, we think we know why no bird family becomes a universal interest and favorite, but owl.

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Owl for Decoration According to Feng Shui

Decorations involving owl, be it a wall painting or statue, can also be analyzed from Feng Shui point of view. It is believed that, if the owls are kept close to the doors and facing windows that show a busy street, the owner is aiming wisdom and protection. Furthermore, displaying owl decorations nearby the studying or working section is said to help acting as mentor. Going to back to the modern life, we all may have seen a form of owl that is wise, loyal and friendly in famous masterpieces, such as Winnie the Pooh and Harry Potter. In conclusion, owl is loved for decorations for its aesthetic feature of freedom, mystery, wildness, fashion, as well as wisdom, protection and encouragement. Nowadays, owls are shown up, too, in cute shapes and colors, and that is when people start considering owl as a sincere and calming creature.

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